date of birth: 8.4.2017

sex: female

colour: black tricolour


weight: ? kg

height: ? cm


Working cert.: BH, IGP1 (96-95-94)

CEA, PRA, CAT: free (2017, 2019)

Glaucom: free (2017, 2019)


ED 0/0

OCD free


TNS DNA normal


breeder: Jana Grešová

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Alfine is doughter of Sheba and Ree from the first litter and she is exactly what I hoped for. As a little puppy she was more like California Dreamin' attitude, but now when she is getting deeper into training she is  turning on and she is a monster! She grew into a fantastic female - confident, fast, brisk, powerful. Right now in two years of age she is still big baby and she still dont know how actually strong she is.



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Observations from training

Alfine has a lot of physical power, she can stand a lot of pressure from handler, she believes in herself a lot. She is very talented in scent work and has a lot of food and toy/prey drive - this hurts a lot as she bites hands too and does not care about it:)) Same as her father she is a nerd. We started some training at the age of two years. Till this time she enjoyed her childhood. Now she is going really fast in her training and I am very thrilled about her - I would love to have more Alfines:)



Protection training 1year video 

Protection training 1,5 year video