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Tailored Genetic Consultations for Dog Breeders You Deserve

⚜ Tired of vague genetic guidelines and rules?

⚜ Want my expertise all to yourself and your breeding program?

⚜ Seeking individualized guidance to set genetic rules and probabilities in your breeding?

⚜ Want to go through videos and written descriptions for a comprehensive understanding of each dog and bitch in your care?

⚜ With my assistance, your choice will be based on this thoroughly compiled information

Modules of consultations

We will meet during a settled period of time (usually 1–2 months) at an online meetings (45 min) where we will follow my tried formula and tailor all your questions. Our meetings will have the following schedule of modules:



Breeding goal

I will help you with understanding of each trait element, how to find it out and why it is important. But the goal is yours to set - each breeder has its unique one. We will do it by prioritizing those chosen elements, which will help you to get a clear vision in your breeding. It's a base case for choosing a stud dog.



Understanding your female

By analysing your female, we will get a better picture of what we will need to search for. You will have to be honest in this step. I will again help you will all these elements. And in this step I will add some probabilities calculated by my software - for this I will need some input information about the female, if I don't have them yet. This step can take me some time because of big calculations.



Designing litter parameters

In this step, we will put together all the info from your breeding goal and from analysis of your female. I will help you with basic parameters you need to set, and based on those you can start your hunt for the perfect stud dog for your plans.



Analysing stud dogs

When you will have your stud dogs, you should again do the analysis of important elements and I will help you with this. On my side there will again be to provide values from my calculations - and again this can take some time and I will need soma input values. 



Evaluation of genetic numbers and traits

In the last step we will go through all the available options, genetic numbers and probabilities, and you will get comment for each combination, what it could bring into your breeding. I can answer all your genetic questions, but the choice of which combination to choose will be only yours - I will not answer "which one would you chose" questions, because these we do only by ourselves - under our kennel names. Those information will provide you clear insight on which stud dog is a match for your breeding plans.

 * If you will need to reconsider your picked dogs and would like to add more or will need more consultations, it is of course possible to add.

What is included? 

  • Structured approach, so you will not get lost on the way

  • Genetic guidelines and rules

  • Individual approach

  • 5 meetings 1:1 (Zoom, Google meets or Facebook Messenger), Scheduled for 45 min per your availability

  • Worksheets

  • Estimated Breeding Values out of dedicated software using unique algorithm

What is NOT included? 

  • Fortune-telling - genetics is about probability, even though we will do everything possible and use all available tests and estimates, there is still no 100% guarantee

  • Me telling you if you should or should not breed your female and which stud dog to choose - those are very personal decisions and this is how we leave our signatures via our kennels

Available options

Currently, there are two available options for cooperation with me. The difference between them is the use of so called EBVs (Estimating Breeding Values). Obtaining those values require a lot of time and software capacity, and therefore it is not the cheapest process. But it is currently the only way how to estimate a genetic background of each dog for complex heritable diseases like dysplasia, OCD and epilepsy. 


Package of 5 consultations

+ EBVs

All my expertise only for you! Increase the probability of healthy puppies using exclusive EBVs!

Get for 790e

Package of 5 consultations

All my expertise and guidence!

Get for 290e
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