by Michal Houtke

Club Working Champion





Team member at World Obedience Championship  2018

2nd place, Res. CACT at Qualifications at WCH OB3 2018
Team member at World Obedience Championship  2017 
2nd place, Res. CACT at National Obedience Chapionship 2017

Team member at World Obedience Championship  2016

2nd place, Res. CACT at National Obedience Chapionship
2nd place, Res. CACT at Qualifications at WCH OB3 2016
2nd place at National tracking Chapionshiop 2013
2nd place at Quali at National tracking Chapionship 2013

2nd place at National Chapionship IPO3 2013

1st place at Quali at National Chapionship IPO3 2013

3rd place at International border collie Chapionship in agility A1 2013

1st place at Club Chapionship IPO1 2012
IMG_9490 (1).jpg

date of birth: 11.5.2010

sex: male

colour: black & white

            Carries tan and red colour


weight: 23 kg

height: 57 cm


CEA, PRA, CAT: free (2012, 2014, 2016, 2019)

Glaucoma: free (2012, 2014, 2016, 2019)


ED 0/0

OCD free

CEA/CH DNA carrier

TNS DNA normal

IGS normal

breeder: Milena Topinková

OB-Z, OB1, OB2, OB3

(team member at WCH 2016, 2017, 2018)

LA1, LA2,

FPr1, FPr2, FPr3,



(passed limit for Czech IPO Qualifications 2014, 2016, 2017)

About Ree 

Ree is my life-time dog, first dog for competitions and at the same time my dreamed border collie. Brillinat dog at whom I did a lot of mistakes. I still do not stop to be amazed by his kindness and at the way he sees the life. Ree is the dog who believes he rules the world and that everybody loves him. Everything he does is 100% and he is enthusiastic about everything..

I have been choosing this boy for more than two years. I have wanted dog from verified lines, more likely working line, taller, nice body structure and with super temperament, drive, balanced nerves and stronger nature. At the beggining I also considered german shepherd and malinois. And the waiting was successful and I have more then I have ever dreamed.

Besides he is the best friend for life. Does not care about different enviroments, goes well with other dogs. He has never fight with another dog and is able to work even when female in heat is around. And he likes cuddle too :))


Ree comes from Czech kennel Mintaka where they are breeding working border collies and where they compete with their brood females and breeding pairs are wise choosen. I owe Milča Topinková a lot for entrust Ree to me.
His mother was born in one of the best known kennels here in Czech - Black Chevers, where they too compete with their dogs at the highest level. I was dreaming about border collie from BCh a long time, because their dogs and their way of breeding i like a lot. Ree's mother comes from litter by imported stud dog, her mother out of external breeding ..
Cory herself was doing agility (LA2), later she have competed in hearding (IHT1) and she was still working sheep at high age 
Ree's daddy was awesome dog who lived in Germany. He comes from pure working line and had a lot of successes in many sports too (LA3, OB2, Trial 2). 
Ree has successful siblings too - Herbie Trial 2, Harley LA3 and IPO2, Holly LA2, Honey LA3 a halfsiblings from mother side  - Dag Valiant LA3, Brown Heribe Trial 3 and from father side - Lucky Shot Amazing Fleet OB3, team member at WCH and more..:)

Observations from training

Ree has a lot of drive, is keen to work, has natural aport. With displaced threshold of pain and a lot of prey drive he resemble crossbreed between border collie and malinois :) When working sheep he is natural driver with strong eye, does not bite sheep.  
He works for toys, food or only verbal reward. He has strong character with will to please. And mainly - he is "the good soul" :)

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