Sheba started her heat earlier than we expected, so her litter is posponed for summer 2021:)

Next planned litter at Reeshaj's will be out of our Alfine. Alfine is strong, fast and a bit crazy female, she is daughter of Ree and Sheba out of our first litter. Father of her litter will be awesome Yoda from famous kennel Vallhunden in Sweden. I am very happy for the opportunity to use Yoda in my breeding.

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 spring 2021

About Alfine

Alfine is strong selfconfident and eager female. She has a huge amount of energy an tons of physical abilities, which needs experienced hand. She will work good for food, but she likes toys more. He tracking skill are very natural, it is very easy for her to work on her own and without help. During the work is Alfine fast and intense and she likes challenges - she is maybe more malinoa then a border collie:) But there are no doubts about her breed during herding. She can work good with sheeps or goats (I didn't try cows yet, but both of her parents and brother are able to work with cows too).

She has no problem with different and strange places, people or dogs. She is very social and behaves everywhere like at home:) Her siblings and half siblings have awesome characters and working abilities and many of them are active in sport - some videos can be found at our facebook page. Both her parents passed the highest levels in IPO/IGP and obedience. Her father competed multiple times at World Obedience Champioship. Her mather competed as a first border collie evere at Czech IGP3 Nationals of all breeds where she got wonderful 8th place.

More informations about Alfine you can find at her own page.

About Yoda

For the first litter of Alfine I choosed older dog with multiple grown offspring with health and sport results. I am following sweden dogs for some time now. I really like their breeding system (same as the one from Switzerland - from where comes father of our D litter Boost) which is focusing on working abilities and character. Yoda was participating National in herding and he got into the finals. His younger brother Chapman is very famous in obedience world (he got into the finals at last World Championship). From mothers side he is related to last World Obedience winner Vallhunden Peak. From fathers side its for example Tunevannets Check. From Yoda's own offspring its for example Tending Yoda, Emenems Cick it Stas and others.. Health results of Yoda's offspring are also pretty good, same as of his father's and mother's side and halfsiblings. Yoda is very social dog, has hes no problem with other dogs, he likes people and children. Yoda has no reaction to gun shots.

Vallhunden Yoda


born 23th of January 2013


HD A, CEA normal

father: Shep ISDS 00/300069

mother: Vallhunden Nix

Trial 3