Next litter is planned for the spring of this year. Mother of this litter will be our Kirke :)

This litter will be the second litter of Kirke. I am very happy with the first litter. Some of them already started their competition carrer in obedience and agility, another ones are in preparation in search and rescue and protection training.


Mating 9.1.
Born 10.3.
3 boys and 2 girls :)

Kirké is a tireless retriever, constantly demanding work and begging for commands. She works for a balloon (or micro stick, cone, piece of old sock, ..) and food (or anything that can even seem to be edible) fast and with great power. But she can also relax, likes traveling, cuddling, she is friend with people and dogs (both male and female). She does not have a problem with foreign environments, sounds, surfaces, does not respond to shooting. She is an incredible optimist and it is a pleasure to work with her. She can handle physical and mental stress and has a nice style on sheep.

Boost is a dog with a pure working pedigree with double registration and was born in Switzerland. His whole family works with sheep either on the farm or at large trials such as the Swiss Championship. They are strong dogs who can cope with not so simple sheep. In his pedigree we can find also Continental Champions. Boost is competing in agility, where he belongs to the German top dogs and he starts at international competitions such is the European Open. He has a great will to please, is a friend with all dogs, animals and childrens. He does not mind different surfaces or environments or different sounds. He also works for toys and treats and can handle mental pressure. 


Kirke and Boost are, as it is usual in our kennel, prooven in big competitions. They work with fierce, fast and love to work, but they can also relax when needed. We expect puppies with characters of their parents and with functional exterior, who will be solid border collies with great desire to work in both sport and herding fields:)

More information you can find on personal page of  Kirke, and Ree who is the father of Kirke.

The waiting list for this litter has started to fill so do not hesitate to contact us :)  

We welcome tentative visits!

More about Boost:

Born 21 April 2014

Father Geno vom Gnoogerberg

Mother Llanfarian Lass

black&white, smooth

52 cm tall

HD A, ED 0/0, OCD free

MDR +/+

CEA DNA Carrier

IGS Carrier

TNS normal

NCL normal