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I was a long time thinking about how to call Reesheja line - is it obedience line? Or IGP line? What does the line mean for you when you say, that that dog comes from agility line for example? 

So I decided to call Reesheja line as proven versatile line at the end. As there is no single purpose Reesheja line, nor litter. The goal of my breeding is to use proven dogs - not just on paper, but with their abilities. There are IGP Reeshejas, Obedience Reeshejas, SAR, agility, herding .. all kind of sports. And all are doing pretty good and making me super proud! 

When you look behind Reeshejas, you will see titled dogs, who also went though big competitions as I believe that this is very important when you really want to know, what is inside the dog - and therefore, what this dog can pass to the offspring. This is important not just about stud dogs, but also in breeding females - because online like this you can make the pair, which suits each other.

For me the breeding is not just about putting two good dogs together, but to combite those dogs, who have the abilites I am looking for and will create perfect mix together. 

About the health

First of all - no breeder wants to breed unheathy pups. But still breeders are facing questions about risk very often. But what we really can only do is to make sure, that pups will be healthy for diseases for which we can test - so only for those, which has genetic test available. 

The questions I asked before breeding - do I want to have dogs with proven chracter and working abilities or just - maybe those pups will be good, but I am not really sure because their parents never were at any exam or competition? 

Am I prepared to pay a lot of money for a good stud dog to get the quality I want? Am I prepared to therefore ask more money for puppies? 

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