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Podmínky pro uchovění


HD only A and B from Bern Vet University are accepted, plus evaluation below the UK mean for HD (last 15y mean is 11,4 BVA score), OCD, ECVO Eye test (PRA, etc., min. Age of 18 Months, Genetic test for CEA and others if not free by parentage).

Körung with two parts:

- Character test (passed, failed, postponed - only for young dogs), induing shooting.

- Exterior evaluation (passed, failed, postponed - only for young dogs)

Dog has to pass the first part (Exterieur) to be allowed to do second part (character test).

Blue eyes and more white colour is ok.

Not tolerated: more than 4 teeth missing, anxiety, aggression, loud sound intolerance (shooting).

Females can breed till 8 years, three litters per 2 calendar years.
Number of litters limited for max 5 litters.


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