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8th place at Swiss IGP3 qualis for all breeds 2023

Vice Swiss Champion IBGH3 2022

participant of the 2022 World Obedience Championship

2rd place at EO Raiffeisen cup

participant of European Obedience Open 2021, class 3

Vice European Open Obedience Champion

Winner of the EO Raiffeisen cup

participant of European Obedience Open 2020, class 2

black and white dog born 8.4.2017

carrier of tan and brown color


weight: 22 kg

height: 58 cm


CEA, PRA, CAT: negative (2017, 2021, 2022)

Glaucoma: negative  (2017, 2021, 2022)

DKK 1/1

DLK 0/0

OCD clear

CEA/CH DNA carrier

TNS DNA normal

IGS normal

EAOD normal

and more than 220 genes normal


breeder: Jana Grešová

OB-Z, OB1, OB2,OB3

(participation in the WC 2022)



(participation IGP qualis  2023)

owner: Annika Matanovic

country: Switzerland

+41 78 926 28 13

About Jasper

Jasper is a Border Collie as it is written in the book! Lots of drive, power and enthusiastic about everything. He comes from proven sport and working lines and has already proven himself to be absolutely convincing in every sport he has been shown in! His extremely stable nerves and his will to fight have already earned him several podium places up to international level. His ability to switch from obedience to IGP at top level puts many a successful Malinois in the shade. This requires an absolute maximum of nerve control, obedience, precision and willingness to work.

In everyday life he is a very comfortable and absolutely compatible dog that you can take with you everywhere, who is extremely friendly and open to everyone and everything in every situation! Annika has definitely never had such an uncomplicated, motivated and extremely talented companion at her side.


Jasper comes from very successful, stable working lines.
His sire Obedience and Working Champion Hummer Mintaka was a three time team member for the Obedience World Championships 2016 to 2018. Also once placed 2nd at the IPO3 Nationals. Ree comes from the famous Black Chevers Kennel on his mother's side. His sire Hope was a very social, outgoing, versatile and talented male who has competed at the highest level in a wide variety of sports (Trial 3, BH, OB3, LA3). In agility he participated in the Bundessiegerprüfung, his brother Lad was even German runner-up in the individual and 2010 to 2012 AWC team member.
Jasper's mother Sheba comes from absolute herding lines. She herself achieved an outstanding eighth place out of 65 dogs at the Czech IGP Nationals in 2019 as the only Border Collie among absolutely strong competition. Her dam Windy is a working dog on the farm. Her sire Glen is a Club and National Working Champion i
n herding and has been successful at trial top level with Serge van der Zweep for years. Sheba's half brother Rony won the Czech Herding Championship in 2015. His sister was 2nd in the Slovakian Agility Championship.

Observations from training

Jasper is a head worker. When he has learned and understood a task, he performs it absolutely reliably. You can rely extremely on him not to jump the gun and to be open for the next command at any time. He shows no tendency to tense up on food or prey. On the trail he shows tremendous stamina and evenness. 
He has no Natural Outrun on the sheep, but is an absolutely convincing mover and has an extremely good feeling for the animals. He moves sheep, goats, Scottish Highland cattle and even horses without any problems and is fast and punchy enough to skilfully avoid a kick or the horns without losing his position. He is absolutely indispensable when working on the farm!

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