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black tricolour female born on 28.10.2019

weight: 17 kg

height: 50 cm


Exams: BH, ZZO (58/60)

CEA, PRA, CAT: negative (2021, 2023)

Glaucoma: negative (2021, 2023)

DKK 0/0

DLK 0/0

Not affected by OCD

carrier of Collie Eye Anomaly, CEA (NHEJ1)

clear/normal all following:

Early Adult Onset Deafness (EAOD)

Multiple Drug Sensitivity (MDR1)

Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome, TNS (VPS13B)

Goniodysgenesis and Glaucoma (OLFM3)

Primary Lens Luxation (ADAMTS17)

Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis 1, NCL 5 (CLN5 Border Collie Variant)

Myotonia Congenita (CLCN1 Exon 23)

Cobalamin Malabsorption, IGS (CUBN Exon 53)

Raine Syndrome (FAM20C)

Juvenile Epilepsy (LGI2)

Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy (DIRAS1)

and another 180 genes tested with clear/normal results


breeder: Jana Grešová


About Kessy

I say about Kessy that she is Sheba 2.0, but with way more passion for tennis balls. She is adaptable, sociable and very willing to do any work. Thanks her skills and nature she serves as an assistance dog for her owner with health problem. Kessy is a relaxed dog who loves to be cuddled, but also trains IGP, including protection work and tracking - but not at the competition level. 



Kessy comes from a fully tested litter with all 7 pups having perfect results (5x HD A, 2x HD B, 7x ED 0/0, 7x OCD free) from 5 different countries. She is the full sister of Alfine (IGP2), Jasper (IGP3 and OB3), Alef (OB3 and RH-TB), Ursa (OB3), Cara (OB3), Cillian (OB1), and Corvin (OB1). Her siblings and other pups from Ree and Sheba are doing very nicely in various sports disciplines and training areas and have very cool characters to live with.



Observations from training

I had Kessy in preparation for the BH exam, which she then passed with her owner. She was prepared for the exam in a very short time, an old tennis ball was enough as a reward and she worked with me without any problems. She is not nervous or overexcited, on the contrary, very eager to work with very good stamina and a clear head. I had her in the protection training and on tracking training, and I know her from different situations too.

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