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black dog born 29.12.2012


height: 50 cm

ED 0/0
OCD free
EVCO (Glaukom, PRA) clear
Normal for whole MDD panel, including EAOD, CEA, SN, MDR1, IGS,..

Exams: Trial 3


About Edan

I have been following Edan for many years now. Even as a young dog, I was very fond of him, and that remains unchanged to this day. Edan is a pure working line dog, utilized on the farm and has also proved himself in competitions, where he earned the title of National Champion KPOP - farm. His mother, Mist, was known as a strong farm bitch, and his father, Taff, came from Sweden, bred by Jaran Knive, the world champion in herding. Edan is a tough, strong dog with a beautiful exterior and has a very contact and friendly nature.

Edan has undergone a series of health examinations, including HD B, ED 0/0, OCD unaffected, EVCO clear, and genetic tests from Laboklin and MDD - clear for more than 200 tested genes.

In work, Edan is tireless and reliable. On the farm, he's an indispensable assistant where his determination, intelligence, and ability to quickly respond to instructions make him a valuable team member. At nearly 11 years old, he's still in perfect health, and that's one of the reasons for choosing him.

Edan already has many offspring who have shown themselves in work and in sports. He hasn't passed on any significant health issues, and his oldest descendants are now eight years old and are themselves getting involved in breeding.

From Edan, I expect him to pass on his exceptional genes and qualities to his offspring, who, hopefully, will continue in his footsteps and will possess the same working talent, uncomplicated and balanced nature, and robust health even at an older age, just like him.

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