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brown tricolour dog born 21.8.2016

wight: 19 kg

height: 54 cm

EVCO (Glaukom, PRA) clear
Normal for whole MDD panel, including EAOD, CEA, SN, MDR1, IGS,..

Exams: farm dog


About Snip

As usual, this is the choice after years of research, based on both numbers and intuition. I was searching for dog out of Penybryn Sweep a long time, so please meet Snip :) 

Moel Snip, the skilled dog that comes from a remarkable lineage. He is the son of Pennant Williams exceptional Sweep and Lynwood Betty, who was owned by Ceri Rundle, and is a proud grandson of Matt Watson Milo. Snip is ISDS & FCI registered and has tested negative for several genetic disorders including CEA, IGS, TNS, MDR1 and EAOD. Moreover, his DNA is normal for everything (tested by MDD). He has ECVO eye test clear and has hip score A. He gained his licence under BCCN, who tests both work ability and exterior (you can reed more here). He is easy to handle and boasts of an impressive style and stamina.

Snip is a reliable right-hand dog for flock. He is relaxed but hard-working, obedient and stylish. Snip has very nice personality. He is typically laid back when he is away from sheep, but as soon as he is with them, his working instincts kick in, and he becomes a complete working dog. He is a happy-go-lucky dog that is easy to communicate with and responds well to instructions. He is an exceptional dog that is also brave and unfazed by thunderstorms or any loud noise. He remains pretty stable in all circumstances.

Snip is not just a remarkable dog in his own right, but he is also a daily-used dog for farm work. He has a remarkable work ethic that is sure to make any farmer's life easier. His obedience towards his owner is commendable, and his ability to work efficiently is combined with his incredible style and stamina. He is an expert at handling big flocks and capable of working endlessly without getting exhausted. 

Snip's brother, Moel Sweep, owned by Jamie Mitchell, is currently one of the most successful trial dogs in the USA. Sweep has sired plenty of nice pups that excel in both work and sport. And of course this applies for Snip too - but his pups are mainly used for work and in sport there are not many - but one of them is going for IFCS World Agility Championship at only 2y of age.

I already met few of his offspring and relatives personally and I love them a lot - they are friendly stable dogs with good health, plenty of working abilities of course, but also very talented sport dogs. I met only few dogs, which I consider as “wow talented” and two of them are related to Snip.


There are few videos of his close relatives you can easily find on youtube :)

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