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Team member at the FCI SAR dogs World Championship 2022 Italy

Team member at the IRO SAR World Championship RH-TB 2022 Romania

2nd place at Qualification Competition for WCH FCI RH-TB 

1st place Czech Obedience Championship 2022 FCI OB1

1st place Czech Border collie Championship 2022 FCI OB1
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black and white dog born on 2.7.2018

carrier of tan

weight: 17 kg

height: 53-54 cm


CEA, PRA, CAT: negative (2018, 2020, 2022)

Glaucoma: negative  (2018, 2020, 2022)

DKK 0/0

DLK 0/0

Not affected by OCD

CEA/CH DNA normal

TNS DNA normal

IGS normal

EAOD normal

and more than 220 normal genes


breeder: Jana Grešová

RH-TV, RH-TA, RH-TB (270b Int. IRO exams)
OB-Z (315.5b), OB1 (303b – completed transfer to OB2),

owner: Pavla Zamykalová

country: Czechia

+420 775 334 835

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About Bikar

Bikar is high drive and agile dog. He naturally has very good control over his body and his movement. He has a very good jumping technique and all this allows him to overcome various obstacles and effective movement on rubble and unstable materials, all at high speed. He excels with his ability to accelerate. He does everything with full commitment and full speed. He is able to work under pressure and in a stressful environment. He is self-confident and independent, but at the same time very willing to comply. He literally does what he sees in my eyes.

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Bikar's pedigree is full of successful dogs across several sports or herding. I consider the great transparency of his family tree to be a significant positive. Information is available, health and work results can also be found for the siblings of the given dogs in the family tree, and in many cases also descriptions of individual dogs' personalities even in, for example, the 5th or 6th generation. Bikar's father I'm Freezer vom Chiemgauer Laedchen is a multiple participant in the World Championship in Obedience, at the age of nine he managed to reach the finals again and placed 9th. But his greatest success is clearly winning the FCI Obedience World Champion title in 2014. On his father's side, Bikar also has several Open trial competitors in herding, for example his grandfather Ocean Six George ISDS 279583 maj. V.Hebeler whose direct sister Dark won the title of Irish Herding Champion and was a member of the Irish National Team. His father Don ISDS 264425 was one of the most successful trials racers in Germany and of course also a member of the national team.
Bikar's mother was also nominated several times for the World Championship in Obedience, among other things she passed the demanding tracking test FH2 (90b). Her pedigree is full of many versatile dogs, her sire Hummer Mintaka is a multiple participant in the World Championship in Obedience, at the same time a dog with repeatedly met the limit at the MČR IPO3, holder of the title of Czech working champion and club performance champion. His siblings also proved their versatility Harley LA3, IPO2, Harrisi IHT2, Honey LA3 etc.
Kirke's mother, Eco Želečský hrádek, as well as grandmother Alma Otasláva, proved their strong nerves by passing the IPO3 exam. The father of Eco agility A3 champion and exhibition multi champion Faust Foxy Fox is also the father of the Czech most successful obedience female Ch. Andromeda Sub Tilia, which was a participant in the World Championship final several times. I could go on like this. So I will only briefly mention several other important dogs that can be found in this family tree Int.Sup. Ch. Wisp ISDS 161487, multiple Scot. Shep. Ch., Scot Nat. and Dr. Ch  Dryden Joe , Int. Shep Ch. Scot, among others, also several exhibition multi champions, e.g. multi Ch. Glare Bohemia Alké or her sire Lux. Sun. Ch. Krislyn Bomber at Beagold.

Observations from training

He is not a hot-headed dog, he has a natural switch-off, he is able to rest even in a busy environment or next to training dogs. He has no problem with surfaces. no reaction to sudden noises – shooting, fireworks, etc. He is very easy to handle. In everyday life he is the easiest to go with, he gets along with different animals, he never had a conflict with other dog he is the type to rather go away then participate in anything like this. He is naturally empathetic towards children or puppies. At home you don’t even know about him.

He has shown natural instinct and balance on sheeps, but there is no time for regular trainings. He never herd cars, kids, bikes etc. he is not stiff or having eye while training obedience or other sport.

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