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8.  place  Championship of the Republic  IGP3  CACT  2019  9 0/88 / 90A

13.  place at Quali for National IGP3 Championhip Třinec  2019  CACT  81/90 / 79A

place at Quali for National IGP3 Championhip  Roudnice 2019  94/54 / 79A

1st place  Championship  BCCCZ  OB-Z  2015

tricolor female born  4/23/2014

weight: 15  kg

height: 50 cm


Exams. : OB-Z, BH (58),

          IPO1 (95-93-95)

          IPO2 (100-85-93)

          IPO3 (limit for             participationat IPO3 Qualis                 2018,2019, 2020)


CEA, PRA, CAT: negative  (2015, 2019)

Glaucom: negative  (2015, 2019)

DKK 1/2

DLK 0/0

OCD unaffected

CEA / CH  DNA normal

TNS DNA normal


breeder: Lubomír Bergmann


About Sheba


I was looking for a female very long time and carefully. I wanted her to be tough and fast, with strong nerves and at the same time to have a will to please. In addition, I wanted a female out of pure working line, with a nice body struture. In the end, I have chosen the litter in the kennel of Mr. Bergmann "z Krojčenku" and hoped for a dark, long-haired female out of two short-haired parents ... :)

And so there she, an incredible dog. Exactly what I wanted her to be. Incredibly fast, able to withstand a really big physical and mental  pressure and with such physical strength that no one has any idea where it can come in such a small body (she is able to turn a two-meters tall helper)

At the same time, it is a really crazy animal, she loves people, has no problem with other dogs and does not care about new environments. 




Sheba comes from a pure work line. Her mother Windy comes out of the breeding of Mr. Košek, who has been breeding and trialing border collies for many years. She lives on the Krojčenk farm, where she plays the role of a farm dog (sheep, cows, ..). 

Sheba's father Glen came from Serge van der Zweep's breeding. Glen is Club and National Working Champion and he competed at top trial level for many years.
Half siblings of Sheba competed too. Rony owned by Martin Maček won National herding Chapionship 2015 and was 3rd at Czech Open in Čistá. His sister was 2nd at National agility Championship in Slovakia.


Observations from training


Sheba is really fast female with hight motivation for work and easy to handle. She has high temperament and excellent and balanced onset of impulse and inhibition. In traning she needs more repetitions to learn behavior. But then she is really stable.

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