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black and white female born on 2.7.2018

weight: 14 kg

height: 49.5 cm


CEA, PRA, CAT: negative (2018, 2022)

Glaucoma: negative (2018, 2022)

DKK 1/1

DLK 0/0

Not affected by OCD


breeder: Jana Grešová

Exams: LA1, OB1


About Wicca 

Wicca is a dog with a very high desire to please, and a huge working motor. She is a direct copy of her mother Kirke in many ways. 🙂 she offers activities independently, and is paid by socially, with toys and treats. With a few repetitions of the training, new thing is usually in control! She is an absolutely great dog for any training! At best and preferably, Wicca works further away from the handler. She uses her body really well, and there have been no accidents on the agility courses, even though the speed is sometimes dizzying! In agility she is vety fast, thinking by her self, and a little crazy.
At home and on trips, Wicca is very discreet and has a good "off button".



See Kirke. Wicca's father is the world obedience champion, the extraordinary and crazy Freez by Sandra Rohrer. Wicca's three brothers compete in the highest classes of obedience and search and rescue. Billow (Snickers) qualified for the Obedience World Championship already in 2021, Burn competed in OB3 at the European open 2021 and Bikar even qualified for two world championships in 2022  in search and rescue!



Observations from training

I would say that Wicca is a bit sensitive to the handler by nature. However, for example, sound sensitivity does not occur - no reaction to gun shots, fireworks or other loud noises. The sensitivity is most visible in how he reads the handlers emotions and reacts to them. 
She is like extension of my thoughts, could not hope for better!

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