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Dreaming of You Nike

black tricolour dog born 16.2.2014

wight: 18 kg

height: 53 cm

ED 0/0
OCD free
EVCO (Glaukom, PRA) clear
Normal for whole MDD panel, except  carrier for EAOD, CEA

Exams: Belgian Obedience - P2


About Nike

I follow Nike for already many years, had time to do quite deep dig in pedigrees, numbers, waited till his pups are older and I met him in person. Based on my info now, I am pretty convinced, that I will be super proud on these puppies!

Nike is competing in Belgian obedience. If you are not Belgian, you are probably not very familiar with it, but you can imagine obedience similar to the one in Mondioring. Dogs have to go over, under or between different obstacles, react fast and think. Dog has to be able to handle different situation and different surfaces. Nike was extensively competing for last eight or nine years. Now he had his tenths birthday and he is still in top condition. Only last year we competed 34times and 18times was on the podium. He has tons of will to please and he is never arguing with his handler, which is important when choosing male for Alfine:)) He has no reaction for gun shot. Works intensively no matter the condition, he can handle corrections, but usually they are not needed as he really tries to be a good boy all the time and is always in positive attitude. H
e is social to people, dogs and has no problem with new environments. In the gallery you can see also his pictures with puppies and his adult puppies. Nike's videos and videos of some of his pups are available here. Enjoy!:)

This is what his owner is saying about him: “Nike is a very stable and energetic BC. His will to please is extremely high. He'd break all boundaries to do whatever you're asking from him. All of his offspring have the same qualities; high energy level, very social with other dogs (animals in general) / children / people, a high working spirit, ... His offspring are active in herding, Belgian obedience/obedience, agility, frisbee and all are doing extremely well. Nike is competing in Belgian Obedience and he's active in the highest level of it with success.”

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