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I train and breed sport and working border collies. In the same time I want to keep character and features which are characteristic for this breed like natural instinct for work with sheep and cattle, will to please, high temperament, trainability, strong nerves and ability to hold out physical and psychical pressure associated with long-term work and training load. ​
Those characteristic I try to develop during training of my border collies.

Bloodline is a continuous work of a person or group of people, who selects breeding pairs with one goal and selecting for certain traits. So it's not just one litter, but more generations from the same breeder under the same criteria, where each litter follows the same purpose. It's not about each litter with a different idea. That's why I am very grateful for my Reesheja owners, who cooperates with me in this journey. I am forever grateful for having those wonderful people around me!​

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I believe that the Border Collie is an exceptionally versatile breed, capable of excelling in many sports. Its primary purpose, of course, is the unique ability to work with animals. Years of selection for this ability have resulted in dogs that are easy to live with and still capable of performing hard work. People around the world now own these dogs and introduce them to various dog sports and practical uses, such as Search and Rescue, and scent work for the police and military. Despite their abilities, these dogs are still very happy to just spend time with us while we are drinking our coffee in the crowded city.

These dogs are the result of years of rigorous selection for working abilities. I consider myself very fortunate and grateful for the work of many breeders over the years.

Currently, the breeding landscape has shifted, with dogs not always selected based on working abilities. While some still are, many other factors serve as selection criteria, such as health testing, conformation, colour, and various traits needed for specific sports, like jumping technique in agility. This has led to the division of the breed into multiple lines, each selected for a narrower set of traits. Some believe this is detrimental to the breed, resulting in lines that are very distinct from one another and, in genetic terms, more homogenous.

Every breed faces the challenge of a limited number of genes (gene pool). Since the breed is officially recognized, it has a closed stud book, meaning only dogs of that breed can be used for breeding. While this seems logical, it also poses problems as there are no new genes introduced into the breed, as would happen with, for example, a Border Collie x Malinois cross. Relying on a limited number of dogs for breeding results in decreased variation and a more unified breed, a phenomenon known as genetic drift. While this is advantageous for achieving a consistent "type", it is not conducive to maintain a healthy breed. Take the Dobermann breed as an example; its average lifespan is seven years, with widespread issues of cancer and heart disease. The low genetic variation means it's not possible to simply use a dog with a "healthier" pedigree, and if dogs with "unhealthy" pedigrees are not used, the breed would face extinction.

Turning back to Border Collies, maintaining low genetic variation could lead to similar issues as seen in Dobermanns. The key to preserving the breed is not to exclude all unhealthy dogs and their lines from breeding, nor to breed with only one line, but to embrace diversity. However, this also does not mean to breed "everything with four legs".

My breeding vision is informed by science, the experiences of breeders from various dog breeds, and my own experiences as a breeder, trainer, and competitor. I utilize my knowledge and respect for this special breed to breed the next generation of dogs aligned with my breeding goals. I aim to preserve the versatile Border Collie, capable of working with livestock, participating in dog sports, and being a good companion. I am fascinated by the character and abilities of some dogs and wish to see more of these traits. Of course, the performance abilities of each dog are interconnected with their physical abilities and health.

Based on the definition of what a "line" truly is, I can proudly say that there are now three generations of Reeshejas excelling in various sports, capable of working with livestock, and possessing the physicality and health to do so. I hope to continue this work for future generations. Today, Reeshejas can be found achieving IGP3 titles, participating in major competitions, excelling in Search and Rescue, OB3 titles, agility, herding, dog tricks, dog frisbee, and working sheep in mountains.

This line was founded on carefully selected dogs who earned the highest titles, often also out of parents with top titles. The main character and role model for my breeding is Ree. He came out of pure working dog Hope, who apart from herding also competed in obedience and agility. His mother was a very versatile female, coming from old show lines. At that time, showlines were still able to work sheep and perform well in various sports, as their body was very flexible and not that heavy. Cory was Czech show champion, competed in agility and worked sheep at the farm till her 12 years. Ree got all of this. He worked sheep, cows, ducks, participated at Championship in agility, Nationals and World Championships in Obedience and Nationals in tracking and IGP3. In daily life super easy, friendly and cuddly dog. Second cornerstone is Sheba, who is pure working line female. She works sheep and cows, is very easy in daily life and the most successful border collie female in the word (as far as I know) with 8th place from Czech IGP3 nationals. The third cornerstone is Kirke, who is daughter of Ree and IPO3 female (who is also out of IPO3 female). Kirke is a friendly and easy dog, who has super talent for scent work and super high will to please. She also works sheep and ducks.

The aim of each controlled breeding is to improve each generation. I am very proud of my Reeshejas, who demonstrate that I am on the right track. Many thanks to all who have joined my Reesheja family and have a piece of me lying next to them on the sofa.


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