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I was lucky that they encouraged, educated, supported me  and most importantly inspired  amazing  people. These people were willing to share information that can only be obtained through life experience  and I'm forever grateful for that.  I am  honor to have a chance to experience the birth of puppies,  which  I planned carefully. All the lessons the dogs have taught me ... and still teach me every day ... are what fulfill me.


I met my first border collie twelve years ago and since then I have needed one. Now I have four amazing border collies with whom we enjoy work and time together.  

Thanks to my parents, relatives and friends, I was lucky enough to study and gain the necessary knowledge  not only through experienced breeders and dog handlers, but also thanks to science  -  and it  thanks to professional publications  and practical experience. I'm working now  fourth year as a Researcher  at the Institute of Clinical Biochemistry and Diagnostics, where I have the opportunity to see how little is enough to affect metabolism, how important is pre-analysis and analysis of samples and especially how it all works in practice. Because my passion has always been genetics, I continued my studies at the Department of Genetics and Breeding with  diploma thesis focused on quantitative genetics calculations, genetic and genomic evaluation of animals. Thanks to the support of my loved ones, I was able to gain expertise in this field and I am very grateful to them for that.

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