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Podmínky pro uchovění


There are two clubs (both FCI), for both you need at least HD C, eyes (PRA), körung, then:

BCCCZ club: plus ED (at least 2/2), OCD (can be both clear and affected, but needs to be screened) and DNA profile, HD can be also OFA Borderline

Currently, there is ongoing discussion about körung, because you can easily not pass due to the "multiplication of exterior faults". This is evaluated subjectively by one judge. The exterior is marked by letters. For each letter, a dog can get 0-3 mark. Multiplication for not passing is following:

- 3x fault with mark 3

- 2x fault with mark 3 and 2x fault with mark 2

- 1x fault with mark 3 and 4x fault with mark 2

KCHMPP club: plus at least one VG from club dog show

Females can breed till 8 years, one litter per calendar year. Number of litters limited only for BCCCZ (max 6 litters).


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