Next litter is planned for the autumn this year. Mother of this litter will be our awesome Sheba :)

This litter will be the repetition of A puppies as I am very happy with them. For next mating of Sheba I decided after her unbelievable results she made this year at big IGP3 competitions between our best IGP handlers - and you know that Czech republic has one of the top IGP handlers:)


Sheba has big heart of a fighter, she never give in and she loves challenges (this is a training tip for future owners;)) At home she is a boss, but she does not need even single growl to be chief. She has a natural respect. She has perfectly clear mind with full control of her emotions nad she is very brave. Despite I am very nervous at competitions, she is able to handle this and even more - she really enjoys competitions and all those people watching her being a star:)

Ree is a sweetheart and clown, he has a "pink glasses" his whole life. He is everywhere like at home and everyone just love him. He is smiling all the time and loves the whole world. During the work he is very focused and he will do everything for me. 

Both Ree and Sheba got titles from big competitions and they are big personalities. They love to work and even working under pressure is natural and easy for them. But they can also play a carpet in front of the TV when no competiton is coming and being cuddled whole days :)

More information you can find on personal page of  Sheba, Ree and Alfine.

The waiting list for this litter has started to fill so do not hesitate to contact us :)  

We welcome tentative visits!